Lens Options for Eyeglasses & Sunglasses

We carry the best in lenses for eyeglasses including Varilux, Definity progressive lenses, Crizal Avance anti-glare lenses, and Transitions lenses and we fit your lenses to your frames in-house. Same day service on some eyeglass prescriptions!

Essilor CRIZAL eyeglass lenses Essilor DEFINITY eyeglass lenses

Essilor VARILUX eyeglass lenses Transitions progressive eyeglass lenses

Crizal to Stay Clear

You may have seen or heard about Crizal lenses on TV, radio or in magazines recently. By adding Crizal to your eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses, you get better clarity day and night

  • Easier to Clean - better than the competition
  • Smoother - oil, water and smudges easily wipe away
  • Stronger - the lens surface remains clean even after 20,000 cleanings

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Crizal no-glare lenses reduce scratches, eliminate glare, repel dust, dirt, and smudges for the clearest vision possible Crizal no-glare lenses reduce scratches, eliminate glare, repel dust, dirt, and smudges for the clearest vision possible

Better Lens and Frame Selection - Visioffice® with Eyecode

Visioffice with Eyecode technology by Essilor

Most Accurate Measurements for Your Lenses

We use the latest technology from Essilor, called Visioffice® with Eyecode to give our opticians every possible parameter required for modern lenses - with extreme accuracy. We can personalize your lenes by measuring the Eye Rotation Centre (ERC) to calculate your Eyecode. This enables our opticians to determine the individual position of each eye's rotation centre with one quick and easy measurement. Combined with Visioffice® lens fitting parameter - mono PD, fitting height, distance from ERC to lens, postural behaviour, etc - we can provide the most advanced, physiologically matched lenses ever made - lenses that are 5 times more optically precise wherever the wearer's gaze passes through them.

Visioffice with Eyecode technology by Essilor

See Frames Styles on You Instantly

All measurements are taken using full-face images. By analyzing all angles and distances in real time, Visioffice® can identify natural head posture and select the most relevant patient images for each individual patient.

Thanks to the Frame selection interface we can take photographs of our patients to help them select their best frame style. If you've ever struggled to choose a frame, having difficulty seeing just what they look like without your glasses on, you will absolutely love this feature.

See Visioffice in action.

On Site Optical Lab

Our on-site eyeglass lens lab provides same day service on some eyeglass prescriptions. We also provide custom tinting. Most repairs are done while you wait.

If you don't want to go without your frame, we can edge your lenses while you wait. It's the ultimate convenience.

Our lab provides specialty items such as anti-reflection coatings, scratch resistant coatings, edge polishing, ultraviolet coating (UV blocking), and custom tinting.

Woodbridge Optometry eyeglass lab

Visioffice on Video

See Visioffice with eyecode in action and how it accurately measures the details of your eyes for clearer vision.

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